A natural approach to

food and environmental sensitivities

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contact allergy assessment and treatment

Allergy assessment

A full medical history is taken initially along with the assessment of any laboratory tests results, which you will be asked to bring along with you. Neuromuscular sensitivity testing (muscle testing) is then conducted to compare the strength of a muscle whilst near or holding a vial of the allergen. naet

Assessment and NAET: The Allergy Co

The NAET Energy balancing procedure works on the principle that any item that causes a blockage in the energy lines or meridians within the body would be considered an 'allergy'. The NAET technique, seeks to test and treat such blockages to improve health and result in often permanent freedom from sensitivities and any symptoms or conditions that may have arisen from this. Testing uses the principles of kinesiology and the treatment consists of a painless acupressure technique down the spine whilst holding a vial of the allergen

This is then followed by acupuncture point massage on arms and legs.

You will need to avoid the treated item for 25 hours after the treatment.

It is not advisable to do heavy exercise, shower or bathe or experience extreme temperatures for 6 hours after treatment.

Children/babies or the infirm can be tested and treated using a surrogate ie parent / carer / friend.